Antler carvings for sale
antler gallery
knives and Horns.

Each piece is crafted by hand so even if following the same design, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

I retired from the navy after 20 years of service and now I live through my hands and tools:  Transforming thick, heavy bone antler, meant for massive collisions, into ethereal, otherworldly creations. They balance the beauty and grace of the animal with the severity and aggressive nature of the antlers’ former life.

With careful workmanship, these designs merge the creative imaginings of man with the natural world. This piece is “Moose Scene”.   ·   
  About 4 months to carve. ·     
Won 2 awards in 2016:   First place in Regionals for creative arts at the Minneapolis V.A.
  Second place in Nationals at Jackson MS. against 6,000 other applicants.

bolo tie
1 1/2"

this picture and the one
 below is on a commission
 for a customer he is going
 to make a knife.