Antler carvings for sale
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Look for my  briefcase in your area today and see some of my carvings in person. Pictures do not do justice to the detail work put into each carving.

Show Pride in Your Gun!

Personalize and transform your generic, mass-produced pistol, rifle, or shotgun into a unique family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations. I carve all of my designs by hand and meticulously finish them, creating a permanent work of art on your gunstock.

I enjoy carving most everything, but Elk, ducks, and dogs are my favorite. Due to the nature of this work I need to talk  with my clients before I will work on your stock.  I can use my artwork or we can try to use yours, Some art does not lend itself to duplicating on wood. Profiles work best. I DO NOT Carve on Laminated or Synthetic Stocks, only Close Grained Woods such as Walnut or similar. 

• Prices reflect the complexity and time it takes to complete a design.
• You will need to send me your rifle butt ONLY! I don’t need or want the responsibility of having the whole firearm.

ivory inlays start at $50.00 and gunstock Carvings start at $40.00 and go up in price from there, depending on the time it takes to do the piece. 

This does not include shipping and handling if you decide to ship the stock to me. I will not take possession of any gun throught the mail.

this is a raccoon that i carved on a cedar log. i used a torch to make the black effect.
this could be for sale for the right price.
but it  is sitting on the deck of my house right now.

gun grips made from moose antler and the deer and wolf are scrimshaw.

ivory inlay