Antler carvings for sale
antler gallery
knives and Horns.

all the knives are put together by me. I buy the knife blank and put the antler handle on it, making it a one of a kind piece of art with function.

ranging $30.00 to $100.00

deer antler and warthog handle. has a celtic cross carving on it and another celtic symbol on it.       $50.00

flint knapped blade with antler handle.
has some scrimshaw done on it.
with stand. $50.00

6" flint knapped blade

antelope handle


fillet knife
with leather sheath

handle made of white tail deer antler

white tail deer
fillet knife

scrimshaw of fish on both sides

drinking horn

drinking horn and holder $40.00

back side of drinking horn.

drinking horns made to order.

this one has a celtic cross on it.

Starting at $30.00

drinking horn made to order

starting at $30.00

this one has Thor's hammer.